Int. Chef's school set. For our set we used an interesting congress room, transformed as chef's school adding a very big print of a old painting of foods (made by a famous artist), behind the desk.

Stair/ entrance Chef's school. For this set we chosen a modern look architecture with an revival of classic/old architecture.

Ext. Courtyard Luxury Restaurant, Turin. In the story the main character is a well known star chef. One of his luxury restaurant was in Piedmont and in the entrance courtyard we thought to put something to balance the spaces, so we decided to set a big 'Botero' style statue that we made previously.

Ext. Courtyard Luxury Restaurant Turin. Here the picture of the courtyard looking the big windows of the hall.

Interior of the Luxury Restaurant Turin. The location was found near Turin and improved with tables, practical light and additional furniture.

Ext. Musuem, entrance. For this set, although is a Modern Art Museum we used a building in Turin and placed a very big classic style Statue and made the base of it. All then was aged.

Int. Lady's house. The set was the living/dining room with the background of the old kitchen.

Ext. Stromboli's island. In movies like this, the choose of the right location is crucial and in our case the choice of Stromboli as our main set was visually fantastic.

Another view of the very suggestive little island front of Stromboli (it's like an icon recurring in many scenes of the film).

Ext. streets to Davide's (the chef) house, Stromboli's Island. The town is a wonderful location on the Island, full of narrow streets and have awesome overviews of the sea and the little Island.

Another view of the narrow streets in Stromboli Island.

Ext. Davide's house, Stromboli Island.

Ext. Davide's house, Stromboli Island. Here is a picture of the roof where the main character work-out. In the very background the little island rock.

Ext. Davide's house, Stromboli Island. Here is notable the courtyard of the house where he set up an outdoor kitchen. We built all the courtyard, included the improvised kitchen, in real concrete and plaster.

Detail Ext. courtyard Davide's house, Stromboli Island.

Still Int. Davide's house/kitchen. Stromboli Island. The set was inside of one the house faced the big courtyard. We enlarge the kitchen adding work spaces.

Ext. Davide's house/Courtyard. Stromboli Island. The colors we used here was mainly white and dark blue, azzure.

another view of Davide's Courtyard. Stromboli Island. We also added on the ceiling, panels of rushes to give more shadow on the floor and set dress the space with sofa and tables for dinners.

Other picture of the Courtyard. For one the scenes of the film we chosen the part of the courtyard that had a very spectacular panoramic view on the sea and Island. We then set dressed all with dinning table and sofas.

Ext, rocks Stromboli Island. For one of the scenes we found this location, so suggestive and timeless perfect for us. On the background still the little island.

Still little port of Stromboli Island.