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This year I had the pleasure to design the new Jack Savoretti's music video, 'Candlelight' , entirely filmed in Rome with stunning location at Appia Antica's park, Tiber Island and on stage at Cinecittà Studios where we recreated a Sound recording studio. Hope you like the work we did. 

Please find more on the link. 

Article and web interview with the director Eric D. Howell talking about the Prodcution design and Cinematography of 'Vocie From the Stone'

very interesting article with director Eric Howell discussing the realization of the movie with some stories and ideas came up during the creative process with the key visual collaborators from the pre-production time till the filming.

it's a pdf document that unites many articles from many magazine and newspaper online talking also about the design of the movie.

Attached in pdf document are many articles of Magazines and newspaper online talking about the AMAA (African Movie Academy Award, 'The African Oscar') award and other awards for the Best Production Design as well as some reviews of the movie.

Here the article talking about the movie and the cast/crew added by the official British Film Council site.

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