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Resume 2019


Visual Portfolio

Davide De Stefano born in Italy in 1973.

He Graduates in Art Direction for Film at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, near


He started to work as set designer/Art Director for many Play and Opera

productions, with several renowned theaters and production companies in Italy, as

well as he did many commercials.

In the 1996 he moved to Rome and began to work in the film Industry as Visual

Artist/Concept Designer mainly in Cinecittà Studios.

After several films and TV movies in the 2003 he signed  his first period film as production designer: ‘L’Eretico, un gesto di coraggio’, set in the 14th century in Italy. Then follows others period and drama movies as Art Director and Set Decorator with many international productions: ‘Tulse Luper Suitcases’, ‘Nativity’,’ ‘Empire’, ‘The Flying Lessons’, ‘TheMother of Tears’, ‘Ghost Son’, ‘Giallo’.

One of the recent movies he designed, ‘Voice from the Stone’, was produced by Dean Zanuck and Stefano Gallini Durante, released in US, Canada and Europe.

 ‘The Cursed Ones’, another drama movie he designed, was recognised with 3 awards for best Production Design, which one is the African Movie Academy Award (AMAA-African Oscar).

He also worked with many renowned directors as Carlo Lizzani, Pupi Avati, Francesca Archibugi,Dario Argento, Roberto Faenza, Maurizio Nichetti, Lamberto Bava, Ricky Tognazzi, Paolo Virzì, Peter Greenaway, Catherine Hardwicke, Kim Manners, Greg Yaitanes, John Gray, Zeke Pinheiro, Mark Roemmich, Nana Obiri and Eric Howell.

Actually he's attached as Production Designer to several international quality movie

projects (in different production status), with budget from 5MM to 50 MM.

He actually lives in Rome.

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