Ext. 'Multiple' company. The building used as our exterior was a found attached to the Rome's Fair complex.

Hallways to 'Multiple' company. The set was recreated at the Rome's Fair.

Entrance/reception desk of the 'Multiple' company. The entrance was created in a disused hall of the Rome's Fair.

Ext. stairs 'Multiple' complex. The scenes was shot on the terrace of the Rome's Fair, using as background part of the Fair's complex.

Sketch of the postings of the worker and the Daniela's consolle, inside the call center of the 'Multiple' company. We thought tom make a set like a 'beehive' look with Daniela's consolle the 'queen' and the telephone operator the bees.

Picture of the 'Multiple' Call center set. The set was made inside an hall of the Rome's Fair, that just had a grand opening for the exhibitions that year.

Another picture of the 'Multiple' Call center set. Here we can see more the many rows of the postings and the 'beehive' look. We built almost 100 postings for the telephone operators.

Other view of the 'Multiple' Call center set. The set was thought to have a big central part with the postings of the telephone operators and on the sides the managers offices with only glass as wall, like an 'aquarium'. so everything is visible and also gives us a lot of depth field.

Night scene picture of the 'Multiple' Call center set. Every postings was supplied with practical lights and functioning computer connected by a local network.

Details of the company logo designed by the graphic designer, under my directions, and the 'robot' prototype, that is the object sold by the dealer and the telephone operator in the Call- Center.

Art concept of call center's posting.

The postings was made about hundreds units, full functioning with stools, desktop, practical lights, mirrors and prepared for all the connections to the network. We also equipped the postings with mad wheels for more comfort to transport it and for make more easy the shots.

Detail posting. For follow the round shape of te posting, the glass is a thin plexiglass.

Another detail of the posting looking the interior part.

Art concept int. Dealer's room.

Elevations of the Dealer's room set. 'Multiple' Building. Geographically the set was located on side of the manager's offices and the central call center room.

The Dealer's room is conceived as an open space workroom, where dealers can report their activity on panels and also prepares, clean the 'robot' ready for the next visits to potential clients.

Another detail of the Dealers room. In the background we can see the manager's offices and the call center room.

Int. Corridor to the CEO's office of 'Multiple' company. We set dressed the corridor with big motivational posters for the new recruits.

An early sketch of Claudio's office, the CEO of the company. This is an early version of the office, with a mix of classic and modern style, then was decided to push it in a minimalistic/modern look.

Claudio's office. The set was created inside a particular room in Rome's Fair, that had its corners with big windows overviewing the Fair. It was an interesting design for the character and the film.

Claudio's office detail of the desk and the shelves with the awards, certificates on walls and achievements won.

The 'Multiple' workshop set.

The neighborhood of Marta's house set. It was set in an residential area, far form the city. We then placed the carousel in the middle of the square.

Exterior entrance of Marta's set. For this set Marta was by her colleague Sonia. We thought about a makeshift house, like a house still in construction, where they illegally occupied the house not sold.

Art concept external view of Sonia's house.

Art concept Int. of Sonia/Marta's house, the living room.

Sonia/Marta's house, the Living room.

Sonia/Marta's house, the living room. You can see , to highlight the fact are occupying illegally the house, the 'S' sign on the windows, to remark the presence of a glass to the workers during the construction of the building.

Art concept int. Marta's room. The room was very small, just a bed and many stuff amassed on the floor and a makeshift room like cardboard used like little table.

Marta's room set.

Stage play set. The set was a stage play the of a drama telling the difficult status of the workers and supported by the Unions. We set it inside a private Theatre and set dressed with real Union's flags, banners etc.