Art concept Int. Herod's palace set. The concept illustrates the courtyard of the Herod's palace.

Int. Herod's Palace. Main Hall set.

Ext. road to Jerusalem set. The path was filmed in Italy (Matera) and the background with Jerusalem town and on top the Sacred Temple is a VFX shot.

Ext. Old Temple of Jerusalem set. The Sacred Old Temple of Jerusalem was shot on location in Morocco and was restyled adapting form an early construction of some Biblical TV series.

Int. Old sacred Temple set. The interior of the Temple was built in Cla Studios (Ouarzazate, Morocco). Was given to the set a very sacred, mystical look with just a thin light crossing the big columned dark room.

Ext. Palace Wise men set. The Palace was a real building in Morocco, little abandoned but restyled with the helps of the VFX team in base of the right flavor suggested by the Art Dept.

Int. lab Wise men set. The interior of the set was built on stage in Cla Studios (Ouarzazate). Many props was made for it, like the rolled parchments, the shelves, etc.

Int. lab Wise men set. The prediction tank reflects the hole in the ceiling. It made for observes the stars.

Int. lab Wise men set details of the lab.

Ext. construction site Herod's Palace set. The construction site of the set was very big, we used as background part of existent construction in Morocco and made some modifications and building new elements. Was also made some working cranes (can see in the foreground) and properly set dress. Practical SFX was added, like the smokes for give it a more realistic look. Little VFX in background.

Int. Courtyard Herod's Palace set. For the huge courtyard of Herod's Palace was used a construction in Ouarzazate made for a famous movie and adapted to our story. Some VFX shots match the Jerusalem city in the background to the real set in the foreground.

Ext. Nazareth's village set. The Village of Nazareth was recreated in Matera (Italy). Chosen the location we built some houses in real stone and wood, planted some real palms, then the VFX did the rest.

Still from the Nazareth village set. The film looking in different angle of the recreated village.

Ext. Market place in Jerusalem set. For the market set was used a part behind the Temple construction, so we used the walls as its background. Then, made some necessary restyling, we set dressed the space with stalls, tents, cages and so on.

Another detail of the Market's set.

For the Cavern set was made a very big model of the cave and shot it in the Cla Studios. Then a real action footage was added on the model footage by the VFX team.