Art concept Santa Croce's square , Florence, 1745. Here is illustrates the ancient Florentine's soccer game. Of course for this set was thought to shoot in the real square in Florence, set dressing properly and using VFX work where necessary. The Church of Santa Croce actually is different respect more than three century ago, so we needed an intensive digital work with our directions.

Art concept Port of Charlestown, Virginia, 1763. Here is the moment when Philip Mazzei was welcomed by George Washington on the pier. For this set we thought of a very small town with some quays and build or adapting some houses and warehouses.

Art concept of Constitutional Society, 1784. Here instead is the moment when Philip Mazzei participated at some meetings of Jefferson, Washington and Franklin after the Declaration of Independence of the Colonies. Stage construction.

Battle, Williamsburg, 1775. Here the concept of the battle against the 'Red Coats' (British Empire) in Williamsburg. Mazzei participate with a few Italians fighting for the freedom of the Colonies under the its flags and the flag of the Lily of Florence.

Art concept Benjamin Franklin's laboratory in London. This concept was made for build the set in our promo/teaser but was also conceived for the set in the feature.

Still Franklin's laboratory set. It was built on stage for the promotional promo/teaser of the project.

Another still of Franklin's laboratory set. Here is the still during the shooting of the teaser/promo of Mazzei's project.

Still of Franklin's laboratory set. You can hanged some newspaper. That's was the only way for let dry the printed paper. Franklin also was a publisher of some magazines and newspaper talking about the Colonies and its problems.

Still of aerial view of London. 1764. The rendering was in made in digital thinking of some 18th Century British painters and some landscapes of the cities, naturally thinking to 'match' our street set in backlot, where is the set Franklin's home.

Still from the teaser of 'Philip Mazzei, pioneer of the New World' - Interior living room, Franklin's house, London. The color palette we chosen for this set, especially for the walls and the painted wood, was selected from a real 18th Century Londoner catalog for construction site of the time.

Another still of Interior living room, Franklin's house, London. every detail was accurately recreated thinking at the period.

Detail of the painted table of Chess (that Franklin was a very good player) and the long pipe, typical in use at that time, especially in the tea houses, clubs and in high society at time

Art concept of Thomas Jefferson's private office, Monticello's villa, Virginia. We built it on stage for the teaser and was an important scene where Jefferson explain how they can defeat the British Empire and how can build the new Nation, the United States.

Art concept of the hold of the ship in arriving in the Charlestown port in Virginia. We made this set thinking of the scene of the inspection that soldiers of British Empire did on ships coming from abroad, to check eventually riffles, gun powder or any other element can be danger and against the Empire. The set was built on stage.