Aerial view of Mark Anthony's villa. The shot as usual was a combination of real set (the courtyard and the facade of the villa) with digital work (the country around).

Entrance/gate of the Mark Anthony's villa. All the villa was built on the backlot of the Rome Studios, in Rome.

Mark Anthony's villa/ courtyard set. The facade of the villa as well as tiles and the Roman bricks are an exactly reproduction of some villas of the real ancient Roman bricks in Pompei and ancient Ostia.

Sketches of the fountain inside Mark Anthony's villa.

Picture of the fountain built on the Anthony's villa.

Mark Anthony's villa. Inside courtyard. All the interiors of the Villa was built inside the biggest stage in Rome Studios. It was built to make some changes for an another set covering the pond and changing the color of the bricks and tiles.

Private's Mark Anthony's bath set (Tiepidarium). The Baths set was part of Mark Anthony's villa construction. We made the big 'bath tub' using waterproof material and placed the set on a different hight from the floor for create our 'tank' to accomodate the water inside.

Mark Anthony's Villa. War Room set. The set was set dressed with many piece of forniture made specifically for the movie. This set was also used as Mark Anthony's bedroom, changing the set dressing.

Another picture taken from the War Room, Mark Anthony's Villa.

Mark Anthony's Villa. War Room set. Inside the room we made 2 big bas relief describing the battles of Rome Army in an elaborate drawing of shields, helmets, Roman spades (Gladio).

Details of piles of complete Roman parchments and its containers, specifically made for the movie.

Mark Anthony's villa. Feast Hall. The set is the biggest inside the Villa. Every practical lights was made as well as the huge doors and the big travertine jambs. The walls and the columns was made in plate of fiberglass and chalk tracing the real existent ancient Roman walls of Opus cementicium and Opus latericium (type of bricks used for build the buildings at that time)

Mark Anthony's villa. Feast Hall. Here is more visible the big bronze brazer tripods. We built around a dozen of it, made in iron and painted/aged as bronze, cooper and even as gold.

Mark Anthony's villa. Mark's bedroom. The furniture built was placed it after dismounted the previous War Room set.

Sketch of a Noble's wagon. Almost all of the 'patrician' wagon was built for the scenes of the feast in the Mark Anthony's Villa. But also reused on whatever other scenes involved wagons on the ancient Roman streets.

The wagon made from the sketch on the Mark Anthony's Villa set.

Another sketch of patrician's wagon.

The making of the wagon.

'Patrician' wagon.

'Patrician' wagon sketch.

The realization.

Sketch of the altar of the Vestal's Temple.

The Vestal's Temple. This set was made restyling the walls of the Mark Anthony's Feast Hall, and placing the built temple with altair and big brazer for te flame. The huge doors of the Anthony's Hall was replaced by a big iron gate.

Another picture of the Vestal's Temple.

Picture Gladiator's barracks set.

Julius Caesar's Funeral pyra. The location we found was in reality a 15 Century courtyard but seems a more classic Roman building so we decided to use as our set for the Caesar's Pyra. We built the little pagan temple in the middle of the courtyard and prepared the bonfire for the funeral pyra of the Emperor.

Underground Senate, Caesar's Burial Chamber. In the same location we did the Caesar's pyra, on the undergrounds we place the set. It was a very suggestive location, also for the possibilities for the light. We just set dressed it with the stone slab and the sheet enrolled a dummy of Caesar's actor.

Another view of the Caesar's Burial Chamber.

Sketch of the interior Senate.

Interior Senate set. The Senate, with the famous scene of the stabbings to the Caesar Emperor (the Ides of March), was recreated inside an very old Church (8th Century) in Rome. The architecture was similar to the classic style and elements used by the Romans. We then built the travertine's stall, bleachers with 'U' shape, the Throne and the mobiles bronze grating behind the bleachers, that also was used in foreground for some shots, viewing thru of it.

Cassius Chamber set. This location was found in some governative ancient building in center of Rome. The walls and floor hasn't decorations, but it was fine for us because we wanted keep the chamber a secret place for conspiracy's plan to Caesar. We just set dressed with a huge marble table and many pedestal with senator's busts.

Another view of Cassius Chamber set.

Path to the prisons set.

Entrance prisons set. The set was on location in an very particular abandoned cave near Rome.

Interior corridors prisons. We set it in the Salone's caves in Rome. The tunnels of the caves are intricate and so cinematographic look. We also decided to built many cell's iron gate and cover the little holes in the rock, for make narrow and uncomfortable cells.

Exterior Cyprus Port. For the set we used as location a part of the Anzio's port, more free from modern elements. Then we built some boats in typical Roman style and set dressed the little market with all the material made for the other big Market in ancient Ostia we shot before.