Still of the 'WonderKamer' set. The set is inspired from some 16th/17th Century rooms, with all strange wonders collected inside. Here we just push the set dress to have more creepy, strange, mysterious room with elements like skulls, skeletons, stuffed animals, jars with unknown embryos.

Other view of the Wonderkamer set. Like this interior, the major part of the interiors was recreated inside a castle in Lazio region. We just painted and aged the walls and of course set dressed the rooms properly. Some was built on stage in Cinecittà Studios.

Other detail of the Wonderkamer set.

View of the mysterious room set from the WonderKamer.

Mysterious room set.

Still of the Klaus private studio set.

Klaus private studio set. Another prospective view of the set. We aged the walls and set dress the room.

Sunset light to the Klaus private studio set.

Another detail of Klaus private studio set.

Detail of te fireplace and little living in Klaus private studio set.

Still of the Malvina's room set. The Malvina's room was set dressed with a more classic look with vanity's drawer, canopy bed, chases lounge, wardrobe.

Detail of the vanity's drawer, Malvina's room set.

Detail of the vanity's drawer, Malvina's room. We found interesting use this particular mirror on the vanity drawer for its fragmented reflections that create on the a distorted image, more in theme of the story.

Main Hall set. The set was dressed also with a long tail piano, where Malvina played and became famous, a symbolic recurring theme during the movie.

Deatil of the long tail piano Main Hall set.

Detail of Main Hall set. For all the interiors we used many different type of curtains: heavy texture for the side and top pieces and the interior curtain very light and almost transparent in some cases, for 'flow' with the wind, required in some scenes.

Other angle view Main Hall set. As required from the script we also placed in the set a big portrait picture of Malvina.

Still for another angle of the Main Hall set. All the pieces of furniture and props and every elements of the set dressing was accurately researched for that time, chosen and placed on the set.

Still Main Hall set. Here is one important scene where Verena dressed like the Malvina nd the look of the hall was changed little bit and improved.

Still of Jakob's room. For the set of Jakob's room was chosen a not too much big room on location and set dressed with old flavor. The wall with the cracks, so important for the story (the 'stone' that appears underneath where Jakob can 'hear' the voice of his mother), was built and placed against on the real wall for permit a quickly replacement of it, after some scenes where the actress tried to destroy the wall to hear the 'voices'.

Another view of Jakob's room set.

Detail of Jakob's room. From this picture you can note the very 'deep of field' view of the corridors (on the left) behind the actors.

Still of Jakob's room. In this scene Jakob heard the 'voices' coming from the stone. All the toys, props and the little car present in the set was correctly documented for that time.

The Kitchen set. The location of the set was still in side the castle, and had a very big stone fireplace. We set dressed it with working table, chairs and sideboards.

Lila's room set. Lila's room was set dressed thinking more at an 'oriental' look, in base of the character's story.

Still of Verena's room set. All the set dress is clearly with 20s and 30s original pieces of furniture.

Detail of Verena's room set.

Still of the Dinning room set. For the set was chosen a location inside the castle with a 'gothic' architecture, that created an eerie and mysterious look. The set dressing was at minimum, more left to the candle light mood.

Still corridors of the Mansion set. The corridors are important sets for the story. We built and make 'fake' walls with different cracks and veining like Jakob's room, and mounted on top of real corridors walls, and even sometime increasing the size of the cracks once the 'voice' became more stronger.

Another view of the corridors Mansion. Here was from the Malvina's room to the main Hall.