1950 - Park set (location). The park was found in a town in Tuscany (San Quirico). It was cleaned for modern elements as we are in te 50s, and put some statues as set dressing. Very slight VFX work here for the background, because the town had mainly old houses.

1950 - Park set and bus stop set. Part of the street was revamped as 50s and set dressed properly (bus stop sign, posters etc.).

Road to the mansion 'La Roccia' set. Here along the real streets on location near Siena.

Gate Tuscany town in the 50s (on location).

Stille of the driveway to the 'La Roccia' Mansion's gate. The location chosen is a road nearby the entrance of the Mansion. With some mist, the curved drawings of the branches created a wonderful but eerie mood, perfect for the story.

Another still of driveway to the Mansion's gate.

Other view of teh Mansion's driveway, along the road. The Mansion's driveway was prepared with gravel and set dressed with broken/fallen statues, for improve the main idea of the whole house on its decay, neglected look.

Still od the Gate of the Mansion. In the background the stone facade Mansion of Malvina's family. The gate and part of the wall was built on location at the end of the back gardens, after the high edges.

Still of the Mansion's gate in the reverse side, looking the exit of the house.

Detail of the gate and the background Mansion

Picture of the back gardens and the Mansion. The gardens was improved and made it little abandoned look, some red ivy was added to the facade, creating contrast with colors, grey and the red. symbolics in the story.

Still of the big park inside and around the property of the Mansion.

View of the complex of the Mansion. Here is the front entrance, on the right the little chapel and the couple towers of complex.

Here are front gardens set (entrance Mansion). The gardens was first made in abandoned state, then restyled and 'cleaned' from its decay look for the final scenes of the movie. Was also added some statues and red ivy on the facade walls.

view of the Chapel and the front gardens.

View of the front gardens.

View form above (rooftop) of the front gardens and its Italian design.

Still of the stairs front entrance (courtyard in background).

View of the main entrance door of the Mansion.

Another still of main entrance door. The very aged door was built placed against the real door of the house. Red ivy also was added to the exterior wall.

Another angle of the main entrance. Here is visible the little stone bridge connecting the path to the house. Leaves on floor and red ivy was added.

still form the movie of the main door.

Early morning still of front gardens against the cloudy sky.

Some details of one of the statue we set dressed the front gardens as well as all around the Mansion and its interiors.

Another view of front garden statue

Still from the interior courtyard (where is located the entrance of Klaus studio) to the front gardens.

Passage to the courtyard from the front gardens.

Still of the Mansion's Park.

along the high hedges path to the Mansion gate. For make more eerie, mysterious these scenes as well as big part of the exteriors set we used a lot of mist, sometime was natural coming from the weather and sometime controlled by the SFX team.

reverse shot from to the high hedges path set.

Still of the Mansion's park.

Another beautiful view of the Mansion's park. Here we was lucky and just shot it with natural weather.

Another view of the Mansion's park paths.

Another sequence inside the Mansion's park. The park on location of the house has many natural 'tunnels' made from the tree's leaves and branches, so we used for our many exteriors shots.