Art concept - set Old Quarry (version A). The main idea for this set was to not overbuild or overdecorated to show that once was an active quarry. We left more the awesome natural background of the location.

Art concept - set Old Quarry (version B). This concept was more moonlight atmosphere

Art concept - set Old Quarry (version C). This other version was at the end the definitive choice. More mysterious, enigmatic look.

Still from the Old Quarry set (on location). The location of the set was a beautiful natural small lake with a gorgeous rocks all around and a waterfall found in the full Etruscan land.

Still Old Quarry set. Taking in the mind the mood we wanted for the set we just set dressed with some old abandoned slabs extracted from the rock as well as a little dismissed crane in the water. Some other slabs was placed directly in the water and a part of it emerged from the line of the water.

Another still form the Old Quarry set. The pole with a lantern on top is a symbolic element, is placed by the actor to remember the Family's quarry and its workers.

Still of the Old Quarry lake set. For this scenes the actor shot in a swimming pool and then was added by VFX team to the location footage.

Still of the top Old Quarry lake set. This scene was really shot on top of the hill with a breathtaking view. For the actress security we built a fake slab of a stone with musk with the same color of the real rock around and was mounted little above the underneath real rock, so created the illusion that it's the edge of the cliff.

Still path to old Quarry set. The forest around the lake helps us to created a path before arrive to the Quarry set. We just make this old natural bridge to make more interesting her walks.

Art concept Rooftop Mansion (version A). In the story the set is an important place where the boy can stay alone from everyone. Here is the first version, with chimneys and an abandoned deposit room following the main concept of left all the house a lot neglected.

Construction drawing of the first version of the Rooftop set.

Construction drawing of the definitive version of the Rooftop set.

Still of the portion of the tower/Rooftop set recreated on stage at Cinecittà Studios, Rome. For security reasons the real tower of the Mansion was unfit for shoot on it so we decided for more control of weather and shots to recreated it on stage building the higher part of the tower and its rooftop. We placed then the green screen all around for added the background with VFX work.

Still of the Rooftop set. For make more dangerous and adventurous the actress walk on it, we made hidden holes looking the depth empty and unstable terracotta's tiles.

Still of the Rooftop set (night scene).

View of the tower set (rooftop built on stage) in location.

Still of Rooftop built on stage and VFX shot adding the real background of the Mansion.

Still from the movie of the Rooftop built and VFX shot added.

Another image with Rooftop footage on stage and VFX shots. For this scenes looking down the Mansion we also used a drone with camera mounted on it for catch the image to compose, from the top of the tower.

Another detail of Rooftop set combined with VFX image.

Detail rooftop set and VFX image.

Here a more large view of of the final image Rooftop built and VFX work.

Big Tree set. In base of the shot we and mopre comfortable shooting we also built a portion of the tree and using, in base of the angle of the camera, real branches and leaves as background of our fake big branches.

Another view of the Big Tree set (on location). The location was found in te park od the Mansion, using an old Tree with beautiful curved, intricate branches. We just built handcrafted ladder to reach one of the branches.

Another still of the Big Tree set.

Big Tree set. Here is a shot using the real tree as our background with the fake branch we made where are sat the actors. For more customize the set we thought about the boy that have created, handcrafted, his 'private' space of the boy, so we also added some gems and other glittering small stones attached to the little branches and leaves.