art concept Klaus Studio (day). When started to think about the set (one of the main set), came to my mind the time I was a student at Academy of fine Arts and the the countless visits to the Sculpt classrooms. Dust every where, marble dust, molds of very kind (faces, pieces of body, horses), clay models, tools, chisels, hammers, easels and canvas and papers drawn with coals. So it was the atmosphere I wanted to transfer in this set.

Int. Klaus Studio set. As our main idea for the set the director also wanted his studio more like a deposit, a space where he also live, sleep most of his time and where he storage everything.

another still of Klaus Studio. Here is more visible 'the world' of an Artist like and sculptor.

detail of Klaus Studio. Another important thing in the story was the Malvina's marble portrait, a never finished art piece, visible rolled up on the left, that Klaus completed at the end of the movie.

details chalk 'faces' - Klaus Studio. This is what a Sculptor usually have inside his studio.

another still from the Klaus Studio. For the Malvina's statue we made 3 versions for different shots: one was only little outlined, another was with the shapes of her body comes out from the marble and the last one the statue completed. All three was made with very dense styrofoam, with adds in some parts of real marble where the actor sculpt using chisel and hammer.

Art concept Klaus studio night version. The moment when Klaus start to carve again the portrait, was conceived using essentially the light comes form the fireplace and some practical lights with moonlight coming from the high windows.

still form night scene Klaus Studio.

another still from the night scene, Klaus Studio

still Klaus Studio (night scene). Here is visible the covered 'portrait' of Malvina and the fireplace, with Klaus at the easel, drawing.

picture of the deposit room, Klaus Studio. Here is the set preceding the main room of Klaus Studio. In base of the main concept of the set, you can see many sculptures, objects, crates and so on stored inside the room.

entrance Klaus studio set. The set was inside the courtyard of the Klaus Mansion.

art concept Ext. Mausoleum. The set was the most important of the film. For the exterior and the entrance I thought of something small to not disturb the beautiful background of the chapel and the Mansion's skyline. The 'pyramid's shape' was inspired from some tombs made by the sculptor Antonio Canova.

still ext. Mausoleum set. The location of the set was in the back gardens of the Mansion. We made part of the Mansion's wall and of course the protruding entrance of the Mausoleum, aside created the surrounding neglected area.

still from the film, ext. Mausoleum.

Construction drawing of Ext. Mausoleum.

another still from movie of the Ext. Mausoleum. Here is a shot from the Angel's statue put on top of the Mausoleum's entrance.

other still Ext. Mausoleum. Here is more notable the other part built of the set.

still Construction ext. Mausoleum. Here is more a large view of the whole set.

Art concept entrance/corridor Mausoleum.

still entrance Mausoleum. The set is the Malvina's family Mausoleum that had centuries ancestors, so the design and the tombstones are very back in the history.

still int. corridor Mausoleum set.

still along the Mausoleum. We also made along the Entrance/corridor some frescos of Saints and varied decorations. The frescos wasn't painted directly on the walls (that require to much time), but made on a special support, very thin but strong, in the workshop and then mounted on the wall like wallpaper. The particularity of this material is that it adapt completely on the rough surface (like little cracks) of the wall and seems like was painted on it.

int. corridor Mausoleum.

art concept int. main room Mausoleum. The idea for the set was to have a long main room like a Mausoleum where lies centuries and centuries of ancestors.

still of main room (Mausoleum). The set was built in a storage room of the Mansion used here as a stage. We cleaned all the material amassed (big barrels, tractor and agriculture's equipments) and built and aged our set in 2 weeks.

Another still of the main room.

Still Main room Mausoleum.

other view Main room Mausoleum. Here is visible one of different style (and time) of the tombs.

Plan and elevations int. Mausoleum main room.

Here is a picture during the construction of the main room of the Mausoleum. The tombstones are placed in the wall and started to be aged. After another layer of 'age' and set dress the set is ready.

Main room Mausoleum set. Here the set finished with the practical lights and lite.

Another still main room Mausoleum

Detail Malvina's tomb (Mausoleum). The tomb was overtly different respect the others, because we wanted to a make a contrast with other tombstones and then to made something in base of the years she was a celebrity in the entertainment, so 30 and 40s.

Another view of te Main room Mausoleum.

Main room Mausoleum during night scene look.