Art Concept of the Skopije’s cemetary, 1918.

Skopije’s Cemetery set picture, 1918. The cemetery was entirely built on a beautiful location on Carso mountains in Friuli Venezia Giulia. It was chosen because in somehow remind the Macedonian mountains.

Preliminary sketches of the little Orthodox church conceived inside the Macedonian Cemetery of Skopjie.

Other sketches of the stone crosses used as tombstone in the Skopje's cemetery set.

Details of the tombstone and crosses made for the cemetery set.

Holy church set and village, India. Almost all the indian sequences of Mother Teresa was recreated in Sri Lanka in Colombo and around. We have found a awesome location where set the Holy Church set. It was a location with a mix of rocks and brave landscape, perfect for us. We then built the Holy Church and the village around.

Holy church set and village. Other part of the big set, where is more visible the village part, all built and aged.

Holy church set and village. Detail of the small house. We used more local simple patterns for decorate part of the the house facades of the village.

Still of the 'village of cardboards' set. The village is called 'cardboards' in base of the material used to makeshift a house by the very poor people in India, all recycled material found here and there in the garbage. Mother Teresa helps them.

Train Station Bombay, 1948. For the huge Trains Station set we chosen a small Station in Sri Lanka (where was shot the entire movie) and 'transformed' in Bombay's station, putting the right signs, and set dress with real working steam train, crates, packages etc.

Train Station Bombay, 1948. Detail steamy train on platform.

Still of some Indian streets, 1948.

Still of Indian villages, 1952.

Bombay'sstreets, 1952. One of the typical elements of the India at that time, was the massive presence of vendors, poors, mendicants on the streets. For recreate more of this look we also set dressed the streets with wagons, rickshaw, stalls and so on.

Bombay's streets, 1952. Other picture of one the streets we recreated.

Ill's tent set, India, 1956.

Oslo's city, 1979. The Norwegian's set was recreated in Trieste, that have more a nordic Mitteleurope architecture look. Once we chosen a square outside a theatre on location scout, we just set dress it properly with Norwegian road signs, roads plates, store signs and cover some modern shops and restyled some others. Of course cars of the time.