Art concept Chancellor's room, Ascoli, 1320. For the set I thought to use just mainly two colors: the grey and the red fire.

Chancellor's room set. We built the set, as well as many others inside a deconsecrated church in Ascoli, Italy. Sometime we also use the real walls of the ex church and build others matching its textures and colors.

Another view of the Chancellor's room set (view from the Chancellor's bedroom). For protect from the cold outside, in the Middle Age was a habit cover the walls with big drapes. Here are red fire, with Medieval patterns.

Chancellor's room. Here is more visible the Chancellor's desk.

Technical drawing of the medieval Chancellor's canopy.

Detail of Chancellor's canopy. The bed was built and the Saints on the head of the bed was painted separately on planks like an altarpiece.

Art concept Throne Room, 1321.

The Throne Room set. We used as location the main hall of the local City Hall. We then prepared and set dressed it with drapes (prepared, painted and aged by the lead painter) chandeliers, medieval forniture.

Another view of the Throne Room set.

Cecco d'Ascoli's study set. Also this set was built in our 'Stage', in the deconsecrated church. For this and other set we made a lot of parchments, with different size, papers and even with canvas.

Another picture of Cecco d'Ascoli's study. In the story Cecco was an Astronomer and at that time someone like him was considered by the Church as a threat and a possible heretical.

Still of Cecco d'Ascoli's study. Here is the detail of the window with typical medieval double-arched window. In the foreground is visible the astrolabe and tools for study the stars. All props was specifically made for the movie.

Art concept Inquisition's room. In the main idea the set was conceived as a more secret place, like a basement or a lower level of a Palace. So we proceeded in that idea.

Inquisition's room set. As of the other main set also this was created inside our 'stage', using just a 'real' column and built all around the room. We also made the 'table', a medieval torture device.

Here is the plan made for the main set. We recreated inside a deconsecrated church in Ascoli. Affectionately we called this 'our sound stage'.

Art concept of Trial's room. I made two different concept and idea about the set, but after all we chosen for a more 'intimate', secret and private trial.

Trial's room set. The set take place inside a room of a real Abbey near Ascoli. We set dressed the room properly for a trial and painted the big wooden 'altarpiece' crosses, that was inspired from a 12th century piece.

Another picture of the Trial's room set.

Entrance of the Inquisition room and the Trial's room. This was made inside the basements of the Abbey. We removed many big modern barrels stored before to make the corridors to our rooms.

Art concept Cecco's Prison. In our idea was very a lower roof, more claustrophobic look.

Plan and elevation of Cecco's prison set.

Cecco's prison set. Meantime we scouted the deconsecrated church, we found inside it an underground space, like a crypt, under the altar. The space had some old, little abandoned, 11th Century frescos on the roof and part of the walls, so it looked perfect for our set. We decide to set our scenes here.

Cecco's prison set. The heavy (fake) iron bars of the cell and part of the stone wall with the irregular arch, was built at 1/8 of inch to the original 11th Century fresco.

Cecco's prison set. Here is the Cecco's cell, set dressed with a old table and two planks as a bed, straw on the floor.

Cecco's prison set. Here is a another angle of Cecco's cell, where he placed the table.

Accursio's Church. The Church and the little chapel was set inside an impressive real church (a little abandoned now) in the country. So big and tall outside so small inside.

Art concept Accursio's study.

Technical drawing of the Accursio's private office doors.

Accursio's office. The main colors here are green and grey. As a monk the room is one space bedroom/study like a monastic cell. The set was built inside the improvised 'stage'.

Another picture of the Accursio's office. As custom of medieval time the furniture is very basic and the had only drapes on walls for 'protect' from the cold outside and it's only around the bed.

Another detail of the two doubled-arched windows of Accursio's office.

Plan of the Courtroom. Inquisition's Courthouse, Ascoli. 1323.

Picture of the Courtroom set. Inquisition's Courthouse. For these important sequences we decided to set it inside the deconsecrated church, that also allowed us to have the light grey color of the walls in contrast with the very dark wood of the high bleachers where are sat the 'judges'. So light and dark colors. We shot these scenes after dismounted the other main set and prepared these set in according with shooting schedule.

Plan and elevations of the bleachers for the Courtroom's set.

Detail of the high bleachers on the Courtroom set.

Another view of the bleachers. Here is more notable the contrast of the bleachers against the rest. Also we added the pulpit where the ecclesiastics discussed the trial.

Here is the part of Courtroom where are been placed the Bishops.

In a scene we see the Cecco's lover be a seclusion sister. For achieve these shot we just made a mobile wall with a heavy, small grid in center, like some cloistered convent and placed it somewhere as the shooting schedule required it.