Art concept interior Synedrio, Jerusalem, 29 a.c.

Early sketch of the Synedrio in Jerusalem.

Another early sketch of the Synedrio in Jerusalem.

Sketches and study of the plan for the Synedrio's set.

Here is the 2° version of plan of the Synedrio set. It was drawn in base of the different requirements comes form other departments, but at the end we decided to go back at the first version of the set.

Executive Plan of the Synedrio. Here is the final version, built on stage in Studios in Tunisia.

Another more detailed plan for the Synedrio set.

Elevations of the Synedrio set.

Another elevation of the Synedrio set.

Additional elevation of the Synedrio set.

Synedrio set. Detail elevation central columns.

Elevation of the Central main gate inside the old city of Jerusalem.

Gladiator Arena, Old city. Here is a elevation with the detail of the royal stage of the Gladiator's Arena. We used half of the arena built previously for a TV series in Tunisia and modeled our Royal stage on it.

Detail of the technical drawing drawn of the St. Peter's boat.

Construction drawing of the St. Peter's boat. It was built entirely adapting ut on at a disused little barge and shaped in the form we wanted, with the main mast and sail working.

Technical drawing of the Slave's ship. This part of the ship was built on stage and just a small part with small hatches on top and holes on the gun wale for the rows. The rest and the length of the ship was added by the VFX work.

Elevation of the Pharaoh's temple. It was restyled from one set standing in the Tunisian Studios. We added more painting at the walls as the drawing suggested.