Art concept Chapel of the Knights, Saint-Denis abbey, 1215. These set was made with a combination of real location (inside a French Abbey) and adding more medieval knight's tombs in different sizes and position in the Chamber.

Art concept Ext. Walls of Chambery, 1215. The far Chambery's town with its walls and the skyline of the mountains was added with CGI work in post. Instead the knight during the hard winter was shot in a Forest in the high mountains in Italy.

Art concept of the parvis of the Church and the square of Chambery's town, France, 1215. For the scene we restyled one stand construction in the backlot of Cinecità Studios and added snow with SFX team.

Some sketches of the Chambery's houses, with its typical medieval timber frame.

Art concept Inn's room.

Art concept King Louis IX's camp on the walls of Tunis, 1214. The location for the set was in Tunisia. We made some tents and the Medieval war machines, meantime the rest was improved and added with VFX work. For gave an exact idea of the big set we helped all depts. making a very big maquette of it.

Art concept Int. King Louis IX's tent, Tunis, 1214. The tent, bigger than the others, had a complete portable altar, and rich crates.

Art concept exterior King Louis IX camp, Tunis, 1214. For some closer shots we made about 20 different tents and a couple of guard's turrets on location, in Tunisia.

Art concept Farfa's refectory Abbey. Also this was set inside a real French's Abbey, transformed in medieval look.

Art concept Count room in Castagnola, 1213. It was set on location in a castle in Umbria region, Italy.

Different sketches of the abandoned ships, Otranto, Apulia, 1216.

Art concept abandoned ship in Otranto. Here the definitive version of the set. Obviously was built just a part of it, that interested by the movements of the camera. In the story this abandoned ship was then repaired for sail again. So we had an another version of the ship, partially built, with one deck and the gunwale navigable on the water.

Art concept interior hold 'repaired' Ship. This set was built on stage and was added more depth of the deck and all the stuff stored inside with VFX work.

Art concept Collapsed house. Naturally the set was conceived on stage with all the beams and planks and lot of dust bags prepared for collapse and for an easy replace ready for another shot. Naturally all with the helps of the SFX team.

Art concept fire's torture in Castagnola county, 1213. The set was a combination of the location (a typical tuff look rock in Umbria), the crane machines built and VFX work (higher part of the concept) for adds the walls of the county/town.

Art concept Labyrinth to the Holy Shroud's room. Here is moment of the story where the knights arriving in a room that had many doors and options to the Holy Shroud's room. Of course it was partially built inside the stage , then the upper part of concept added with digital work.