Art concept of agent Marchi’s secret place.

The agent Marchi's secret place was built on stage in Turin (Italy). The look we thought for the Police investigator Marchi was a very secret place that only few person knows about it. So we decided to made his very private office in the secret tunnels of an abandoned building. Adding also very low lights for a more intimate mood.

Another still from the movie of the Marchi's secret place.

Int. Marchi's Mother house set. The set was also built on stage thinking to a more glamour and film noir look, soft light and warm tones.

Art concept Fashion show set. Here is illustrates the backstage of the Fashion show set.

Int. Fashion show set. The set of the Fashion show, the backstage and dressing rooms was recreated in a beautiful Palace in Turin. We then made a long stage for the runway show.

Art concept Assassin's lair set.

Int. Assassin's lair set. It was built on stage thinking that looks like an abandoned place where the assassin found home and secret shelter.

The Assassin's lair set was dressed with elements, props he really would picked up from anywhere and used on his lair.

Int. spaces around Assassin lair. For these scenes when a victim tried to escape we used some basements corridors of an abandoned building in Turin.

Int. spaces around Assassin lair. A view of some corridors.

The Anatomy room set was recreated using part of a real classroom and adding more bleachers.

Ext. Shopping old Gallery set. A section of the high part of the ceiling of the Gallery was recreated in a park lot near the stages and built a the ceiling with the glass windows prepared to be broken and easily replaced it for the stunt scenes.

We recreate an old Butcher's shop (the stepfather of commissioner Marchi), using and restyled a part of a facade of standing set, in the backlot of the Studios in Turin.