Art Concept corridor 2nd floor, Mark's house. The corridor leads then to the bedrooms and the bathroom. The mood we decided for the whole house was to have a mix of traditional African style architectural concept mixed with more modern elements, full of local ethnic works and thatched roof.

Still corridor 2nd floor, Mark's house set. All the set was set dressed with ethnic furniture and local statues.

Another view of Corridor 2nd floor, Mark's house set.

Art Concept living room . Mark's house. The whole house was conceived as exterior/interior set, for favor shooting reasons and for all the windows placed all around the huge hall/living room and the base floor of the house.

Living room set, Mark's house. The whole house was restyled with many modifications from a previous construction did for a famous film some years ago.

Living room set, Mark's house. For some scenes we placed in the set many weird and strange wooden forms statues. We found it in a special market near the main set of the house in Zulu land, South Africa. The sculptor made for us additional statues with our directions.

Another night scene and view of the Living room set, Mark's house.

Still corridor ground floor to the living room, Mark's house. Respect the original house set we changed wall's color and add new big venetian french doors dividing the new spaces.

Ext. Mark's house area. Here a shot of the film revealing the area where the house is located in the contest of the African state. The real location of the Mark's house was inside a National South African state park , in the Zulu land area.

Ext. Mark's house, entrance. Here a night shot where can see the entrance and the terrace, on the first floor of the house (the adding part we did for the movie).

Another view of exterior of Mark's house area. We also built in front of the house corrals, patio and some sheds.

Ext. Mark's house area. Here is more visible one the major modification of the set: the fist floor and the terrace. The first floor had the corridors and the bedrooms, comprised the baby's room, and the bathroom. Meantime in the ground floor we created the kitchen, the very huge living room /hall, the dining room and some deposit rooms.

Art concept living room/hall Mark's house. Here is visible the very big space of the Dining/Living room, all encircled by the windows and some Venetian blinds.

Living room/hall Mark's house (abandoned look). We made two version of Living room/hall. One is the normal version with different set dress and the ethnic statues and the other is when the house is abandoned for a time and the main character made a visit to it.

Detail of the Living room/hall Mark's house (abandoned look).

Sketch of the Mark' town. The town was set in a little village with some colonial architecture near Durban, in South Africa. We made some little transformations here and here and at some point put wires and check point made during apartheid time.

Another sketch of the Mark' town, view from the slum village.