Art concept entrance ER. The entrance to the ER was recreated in a warehouse building in Turin using its glass window's gallery as the entrance for the ambulances. Instead in the basement connected to the gallery was set the acceptance room.

Art concept acceptance room, ER set. The set was very big and we used the basement of the building and some fake walls for divide the other main sets. Naturally the space was restyled, placed the linoleum's on the floor and set dressed the location with sponsored medical equipments and furniture.

Art concept another view of the acceptance room, ER set. All the signs, logos, graphics etc. was designed and made specifically for the movie.

Art concept of the Pediatric dept. in the main Hospital (before). This concept is the version of the dept. before arriving the Dr. Clown. We decided to have 2 completely version of the dept. : one before, that have this look, neglected, somehow dark and not for ill kids, and one after, so everything looks colored, bright, for kids. This one is the 'darkest' version.

Art concept of the Pediatric dept. in the main Hospital (after). Here the version after arrived the Dr. Clown.

Art concept abandoned pavilion (before). The set was on location in Turin (the same building used for the ER's rooms) using a big empty room where we set dressed with disused equipments, big conduits and pipes amassed here and there.

Art concept abandoned pavilion (after). Once the Dr. Clown start to work in the dept. the abandoned pavilion was transformed in the Comic-Therapy pavilion. We painted the walls with skies, clouds and rainbows and created trees with foam, like a bas relief placed all along the walls. Plus we did a path thru the games, specifically built for this set. In the background we can see the ER rooms for the kids.