VFX shot of ancient Rome. Naturally the digital effect team worked very close with our dept. for have all the visuals of the set we are going to make it.

Still path to Cicero's house. Of course the live action footage are the actors and the horses, shot on location near Rome, meantime the hill and the house was VFX work.

The suburb's Arena, Rome. The Arena and the surround area of the suburb was entirely built and set dressed in the backlot of the Rome Studios, in Rome. Some VFX work was added for enlarge the city in the shots.

Reverse shot of the roman suburb arena. The tree on the background was real trees on location in the backlot.

Suburb's Arena set. Here is more visible the typical suburban houses in ancient Rome: timber-frames, stone and tile roof.

Arena's square in the Suburb. Here is more visible the structure of the Arena, not marble or stone, but only wood poles and the wooden bleachers. We optioned this style for make a different level respect a classic ancient arena.

still interior of the Gladiators arena.

still of a more large view of the Gladiators Arena. On the center was located the Imperial seats.

Picture of the Forum square. Here is the facade and the entrance of the Senate. 3 sides of the square was built in the backlot at the Rome Studios. Sometime was used also a mobile wall for shooting necessities.

Underground prison set. The underground prison was recreated on location inside a natural cave near Rome. Naturally was build and adapted the cell gates.

Art concept of an aerial view of the Lost Legion's Camp.

Aerial shot view of Lost Legion's camp. It's a combination of real footage (the camp) and digital work (the surrounding area).

Art concept of the Lost Legion's camp.

Some details of the Lost Legion's camp. The set was created inside a forest with a natural cave near Rome. Every tent was different each other, because every soldier was belonged to different battalions, legions or different armies, and now are more like mercenaries. So not an organized army. We built an mounted the different shaped tents on location.

Lost Legion's camp set. Detail of the Elder council. The council was surrounded by old lived flags of past Roman legions to highlight the different belonging to the Roman Empire Army, but at the same time they fight it for freedom from it.

Lost Legion's camps set. Another details thru the tents and the fires, in the background the Elder council.

Lost Legion's camps set. Here is visible some tent inspired from the Roman Army.

Battle camp. On location in Manziana forest, Rome. Roman army's soldiers.

Art concept Tyrannus's Camp. Here is a real Roman Army camp, with its tents, flags, Roman standards, military wagons.

Another view of Tyrannus Camp. In clearly view the Roman standards.

art concept Roman Army's Training camp.

Roman Army's Training camp set. Was been built the tents, the shields, prepared the poles for the flags and then mounted on location in a part of the backlot of Rome Studios. The tents are made in a particular leather (similar to the sky), very light that looks heavy leather as like was at that time.

another view of the Roman Army's Training camp set.

Sketches of the Roman Army wagons.

Picture of the Roman Army military wagons on the set of the Training camp. It was entirely built, just only the chassis was original, but the rest of the wagon built. The tent on top was made with the special material of the tents.

Art concept Mark Anthony's tent.

Mark Anthony's tent set. The tent was built in octagonal shape and had many spaces inside, divided only by curtains. It was conceived to be easily transport and mounted on location. Also we made several travel pagan altars. Also here was used the special simil sky leather aged to cover the structure.

Art concept Tyranus tent.

Tyranus tent set. As the same concept of Mark Anthony's tent, also this was conceived in that way.

Exterior Neutral tent.

Art concept interior Neutral tent. Here taken place the secret meeting of Mark Anthony and the leader of the Lost Legion, Octavius.

interior Neutral tent set. We transported it and mounted with the set dressing on location in the same area of the Lost Legion's set and the battle field.

Cicero's library set. We built the library inside the stage and set dressed it with statues, Roman oil lamps, a (fake) big Roman marble patterns table and made a lot of parchments of every kind and placed some on the shelves and some others in its containers.

Another view of Cicero's library set. Here is more notable the architecture of the Library. The rack on top of the table was made for hanged the oil lamps and move them on the preferable position.

Still Market's set. For recreate the set we shot on location using a real ancient Market in Ostia. Naturally remained only the lower part of the buildings but some store was in decent condition. We then prepared tents, mobile shelves, counters signs, for mount it on the stores in proper ways and identify the different job's stores. Then set dressed the streets with wagons, carts, cages, baskets, stalls and so on.

Still from the Market's streets set.