Art Concept Nagy's house- living room/studio. Nagy, in the story, is a musician, so we thought to give the the set a more modern look, with some touch here and there of old elements (like forniture, ethnic pieces,etc).

Nagy's house- living room/studio set picture. Also Nagy's house was built on stage in Turin, just was restyled and modify from the Elga's house. We designed thinking all the changes and the time for make the modifications.

Another Nagy's house- living room/studio set picture. The piece with many drawers, like an archive, was found in a very big Market in the city as well as a big part of the set dressing of the movie.

Detail of the sofa in Nagy's house- living room/studio set. Many piece of furniture was searched and chosen to give at the house something similar of it comes out from a number of 'AD' magazine.

Art concept Elga's house/living room. Elga's house is conceived as an old house inspired from some Art Nouveau style and design.

Some early sketches for Elga's house/living room. Details of the big glass door looking the the living room to the private studio.

Definitive construction drawing of the 'art nouveau' style glass door connecting the living/Dining room to the private studio.

Elga's house/living-Dining room set. The big set of the house was created and built on stage in Turin.

Shot picture of Elga's house/living room. Here we can see the 'art nouveau' glass door connecting the living room to the private studio (in the background).

Elga's house/private studio. The Private studio was almost covered with wooden panels, shelves and furniture. Every props was original antique pieces, found and brought at local markets.

Elga's house/living room and private studio. The set was built on stage in Turin and transformed then in few days to another main set house of the film. Initially the walls color was red tones then we decided to use more a ochre tones.

another picture of the Living room Elga's house, in opposite view of the private studio. The doors leads both to the kitchen.

Elga's house/living room and private studio. Here a detailed technical drawing of the texture of the parquet. It was made with different woods and color to have a look like a veneer.

Elga's house/corridor. Here a picture of the long corridor that connected to the many rooms of the house. Here is visible the elaborated mix of the different woods of the parquet.

Another view of the main corridor of Elga's house. In the backgroud the door to one of the bath we filmed inside.

Elga's house/Main bath. The set was more bigger than in reality, this for make more easy the shooting. It was made in two spaces from a low parapet: one have the big bath tub and the other the basins and its supplies.

Another picture of the corridor of Elga's house. Looking in the very background can note the glass door in the 'art nouveau' style that is a leitmotif of the whole house.

Elga's house/Elga's bedroom. For this set we used more red warm tones color palettes.

Elga's house/Elga's bedroom/ dressing room. Here we can see more her room with old pieces of furniture: Chesterfield sofa, ceramic stove, some paintings on the walls.

Elga's house/Elga's private office. The set was designed near her bedroom, accessible thru a door. The background of the city was a HD translight picture of the real location we set the exterior Elga's house, in a wealthy square of Turin.

Elga's house/Children's room. For the set we thought to use pastel tones, with colored elements, props and piece of furniture.

Int. Exclusive Pub. We found the location in center of Turin, during a scout and decided to used in the movie. We just added some set dressing (like the different statues on the right) to give more an idea of exclusive club.

Ext. Turin street/Shop windows. In the story we had some main scenes set in shopping streets, during winter season. For actors availabilities we shot the movie in late summer. So we used a little standing set in the backlot of Studios, modifying and set dressing it. Then we added fake snow everywhere with SFX team.